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According to Phillip Crosby, management guru, "Put dedicated people in a flawed process and the process wins every time."

At Everson Consulting we focus our efforts on the basics of success: Planning - Organizing - Controlling. We don't get enamored with the latest Fad of the Month (FOTM). We want to help your people, your processes, and your technologies to exceed customers' expectations.

Developing Leaders & Organizations in the 21st Century

Knowing how important it is for your organization to compete in a global economy, and realizing the three driving forces to your success are people, processes, and technology, we are more than happy to turn the technology issues over to the IT professionals. We instead are here to help you work with your people, and the processes within which they work.

According to Phillip Crosby, management guru, "Put dedicated people in a flawed process and the process win every time." Yet instead of focusing our efforts on the basics of success, Planning/Organizing/Controlling/Leading & Managing, we get enamored with the latest Fad of the Month (FOTM). While chasing the latest and greatest, our people and our processes fall short of meeting our customers' expectations.

At Everson Consulting we want to get back to basics. We have excelled for 25+ years in the areas of Strategic Planning/Leadership Development/Championing Change/Customer Service/Team Development. We have worked with a wide range of industries, from utilities and manufacturing to financial aid/student services teams at post-secondary universities and colleges, as well as IT to Human Services organizations. Our practical, day-to-day approaches, while always pushing the envelope with our prescriptive tools and techniques, make us a natural partner in your quest to build your organization, your leaders, and your teams, to their maximum potential.

There are a lot of tools available but we like to stay with the "tried and true":

squareStrategic Planning - aligning your people, processes, and technologies
ssqaureLeadership/Management Development - creating a balance between position and personal power
sqChampioning Change - the only constant in your business is change
sqTeam Development - taking it to the next level
Leadership Coaching - build leaders who will build leaders and teams
Customer Service - don't just satisfy, delight
buttonCommunication Skills - the #1 need in any organization
Process Improvement - Mr. Crosby said it all
Performance Management - The least liked activity but he one that can create the greatest ROI
Problem Solving/Decision Making - the day to day activity that never gets addressed

Our energy, our passion, our vision, and our commitment to customer service separate us from other Training/OD professionals.

"Information isn't power, knowing where to find it is." We are here to empower you and your people.

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